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Selected Site Listing

I'm very happy to be working on this site as I have two of their great kilts and they're a great company with a great social responsibility to their product and business dealings. I came in to help them get some scripts up and working after they switched hosting providers and lost their original coder at the same time.
I got an ASP guestbook script back and running for them and then rebuilt a photo upload form and mailing list scripts in PHP. Nothing too major, but still a fun little project.

Yukon Salmon Committee
Redid this site for them from scratch as a fully CSS driven site (or mostly, anyway). Continue to be the webmaster for it. Done on contract.

RDI Inc.
Site built from scratch under contract. Mostly a static site except for a little script to allow clients to enter their street address and find out when their garbage/recycling pick up day is.

BC Ferry Services Inc.
I worked on this since about 2000 and was webmster from 2001 to 2003. A very large site with lots of static pages, SSI for the headers/footers (of course), and a complicated method for schedule updates that included a script for parsing plain text files into the final schedule page. Also various database-interactive portions of the site, and overseeing other projects within the site. Also did the upkeep and updating and minor modifications to the Discovery Coast Passage site. Produced while employed with Entirety Communications.

Health Bytes
On-line subscription-based health newsletter with content management for the newsletters themselves and client management scripts, including mail-out notification and other such goodies. Produced while employed with Entirety Communications.

Wells Archives Photograph Collection
Made up a couple of scripts to keep track of an extensive photograph collection for the Wells sites under sub-contract to the people producing the site. You can search for keyword, date, location etc, or you can pick from an alphabetical listing of all the keywords associated with the photos.

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner
General upkeep of the site, adding new content, and later when the site was rebuilt it was updated to be a fully database-driven document ordering system for all the orders and other documents, as scripted by myself. Produced while employed with Entirety Communications.

District of Central Saanich
Similar to the OIPC site, they needed a document management system for their meetings & minutes section of the site. Full administrative side as well as site display for documents, years and document categories. Produced while employed with Entirety Communications.

Contractor bidding site meant to bring together all the contractors/architects/etc into one location where a potential employer could find possible subcontractors. The interface was designed by the client, and it made it quite an interesting project, let me tell you. Lots of weird scripting and database queries on that site. Did all the searching and display scripting, but the back-end was done by another coder due to time contraints. Produced while employed with Entirety Communications.

Haida Gwaii Fisheries
Made them a Cold Fusion site with content management, links editor and document control for both front-end and administrative side. Produced while employed with Entirety Communications.
Site no longer available

CHR Intranet
This was probably my biggest project. Produced for the Capital Health Region, they wanted a full content management system for their intranet, including the ability to create sub-sites for various departments, with their own separate administrative capabilities, and to assign to the department's sub-site a set of tools from the available set of tools. There were a few other things along with it that escape my memory now, but it was pretty cool in my humble opinion... Produced while employed with Entirety Communications.
Site not publically available